Sunday, July 31, 2011

W's of Woman

And WHAT they WANT

Some girls WANT good hair.

Nice. Shiny.

They may spend hours perfecting it.

Curling it. Coloring it.


And hour around a guy.

WHO in fact, gives no shit WHAT-so-ever.

Some woman WANT material things.

Jewelry. To stand out and be an envy to her friends.

Nice clothes to hid themselves.

Cute cars to show off.

When in fact, no one pays attention.

Some ladies WANT the popularity.

And would do anything for it.

While really, they have no friends.

At least ones that actually like them.


Is to know.

I WANT knowledge.

I WANT understanding.

I WANT to know.




WHO-I'm supposed to be

WHY-I'm here

WHAT- I'm meant to do


WHEN- I'll…Know.

Fair god mom, figure that one out.


That’s. my.



Obvious enough?


What is pureness?

Not the definition, but how can we understand what is pure.

Is a new born pure and innocent

Or simply inexperienced and untested

Can you be pure at heart or mind

Differently or separate

Or is pureness overall


Everyone knows you can loose purity,

If you had it, but can you gain purity

Fighting in a war.

Telling truth of a lie.

Sharing some love.

Do these things bring purity

This makes me wonder.

Maybe perfection isn’t what we're in search for

Perfect. Brings such dull thoughts.

Possibly pure is what we are in strive for.

Maybe that’s where the good comes from.

Taking the idea of


To a whole.



By doing good things to out weigh the bad.

Simple thought.

Hard to do.

All these sayings, we've heard a million times, applied to life, a million times,

But ever once have we thought about the deeper possible meanings.

My point Is,

 there must be some goal to life.

Life itself.




Maybe if we could just figure it out

We could accomplish something in life.










All things we LIVE for.

Things we FIGHT for.

Like we actually can control where or who these things favor.

What about the appearance




Luck Is An Easy Game

Life comes with no signs

Only chances

Life doesn’t include happiness

Only choices

Miracles are rare but so is

True love.

Coincidence I think that isn't

But now that I've found you

How can I not believe?

Love is what you are to me

But how hard love is in everyway

Especially in terms of

Attempting to word it

In a lousy poem.


Saturday, July 23, 2011


This world I've lived in all along with you,

Whom I did belong

We passed another, day by day

And yet a passing glance we did not pay

For you, before, I never gave a care

And talk to you, only once did I dare.

I threw myself at you,

While neither of us had a clue.

But then, you changed me,

And gave me so much more to be.

For that I thank you, and move on,

But you were very far from gone.

You told me all about your past,

All the sadness you endured

How people judge you now,

All that you’ve become is just absurd

You, I just don’t get

Feeling you must fix the world when I'm upset

You are perfect in every way,
And just from you, the time of day

Is all that I can ask

Though to you that may seem a too simple task

I not only love you because you love me,

I love you because its me that you see

Christopher, you confuse me, all that you've been through

And all I've seen, you and us is all so new

My only wish is that we could be a grand guarantee

To be one happy family

But there isn't is there?

That doesn’t mean I don’t have my love to share

But this burden I worry and bare

How could the 2 of us have been so charmed,

When we both grew up so majorly harmed

I'm not sure we can,

But your still apart of my future plan


Sunday, July 17, 2011


You guide me

Stood beside me

Whispered telling stories to me

All I wanted to do

Was believe

Miracles you showed to me

Rising my desires

Harm you let me peek upon
Growing dependence to you.

Then you'd crush my dreams

And smash my hopes

When promises were broken

I was lower than when we'd begun

The stories

The lies

All because,

I believed.