Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hell over Heaven

you took me to your 
place called heaven

i was given my wings 
and precious things

this bright new land you showed my
there i always longed to be

but later on 
suddenly you were gone

no where to be found
I was put back on the ground

no more clouds to sail through
and skys no longer blue

furiously my world had changed 
over flowing now with rage

so now i drown in your pitiful sorrow
not knowing if ill see tomorrow

 i gave you a chance
and made you choose
not even thinking i could loose

but in the end i lost
and my whole world, it did cost

so please now just let me go
down below

 because any hell 
is better than you heaven.



Rose said...

I like this poem Felicity it is very emotive I like the last line 'any hell is better than your heaven'

GQ93 said...

I love this, takes one effortlessly through the emotions you were having.
It sounds like song lyrics to me :)

It'll be great to see your comments on my poetry! :)