Saturday, June 25, 2011

Eleanor's Strutting Stuff

You strike your long pose

Showing off your misleading ways.

The stride in your walk,

The courage in your strut,

Describes your true coward sides.

Your waltz, you think perfect

Because you have companions to turn astray

While you turn away

Simply to hide your feet of clutz.

Good actor you say?

Your chin almost as high

As your worn heels

Like you could pretend to dance forever

Please, your secret was hardly spun,

Hidden almost as well as your pride

The dress may show off you

But only in time

Will we all see,

The true you,

Congrats for the time being,

Love, reality


Atop A Storm

The cold wind picks up and drags through the trees,

Dark clouds of destruction move in as the light ones flee.

War rages amongst the skies even though we see peace,

Then all at once all motions seize.

A roar followed by flashes of light,

Give heed to what approaches in all its might.

As crazy as they seem,

What tranquility they may bring.

More darkness begins to swarm,

In the presence of this storm.

Never knowing the moment of commence,

I sit in confusion and suspense.

I wonder what beings this feeling about me,

How in the forefront of a storm I sit more proudly

In this moment no one is above any other,

We’re all at the mercy of another.

That moment has come so I conclude,

As the rain begins to fall in its solitude.

Written not by me, but by my boyfriend, who doesn't believe his work is good, and doesn't know im posting this, so comment please!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Unexpected inspiration

A deep, cloudy sea of purple fades like smoke into the clashing of two worlds. One man stands alone in multiples. Wallowed in his pride, among the ones of death excused, or death demanded. Promises broken long ago still seem to lead to empty spaces. Maybe it’s the haunting memory or the faint loss in a colorful world. Each a divide as wealthy as love itself. History and past, each to be forgotten.

Like the thought of you!


Friday, June 3, 2011

Hello my name is. . .

I am the torcherus cry behind the wind

I'm the burn behind the sun

Each burden I bestow

Every doubt I register

Death I do not possess,

For easy is not my given game

War is only contrasted by harm

Love I do own,

Used in ways we each and all know well

Curiosity there would not be

If you simply knew me,


Hello my name is. . .


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Searched Through Seasons

As the floor covers in leaves , no sooner a breeze of winter releases through the open ceiling. I lay a kiss upon the cheek of escape and bound through the snow and sleet. And off I am, to a land I've always seeked. Where emotions fly free from one to another. So non to deny.