Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cuts and Burns I'm Not ashamed

Sometimes I feel fate had a lot to say

But the pain comes when it turns away

My head continues to spin

And yet still contains a grin

Promises I can keep

But yet I still weep

At all the days

I have not had to pay

For my dismay

Please take this key,

And simply let me be.

My stomach churns

My heart, it burns

I've lost US

In all the fuss

Now its too late

There passed by my fate

Heart is what I lost

Love is all it cost

Hear this burden that I bear,

In hopes that after you will care.

I hold this curiosity with all my tears,

I hide these questions of myself away for years,

Because of all my fears

Dreams soar me up and away,

Reality turns me astray

I feel this world tearing us apart

Shooting at my very heart

I'm not sure how much more I can bear,

I cant seem to reach any air

What holding me from the blade?

Certainly not this shity life I've made.

Even if my life escalades

There would never be a parade

No memory of me

No sight or sound

You wont be seeing me around

Ill beg and plead
And one day bleed

One day your world will fall down

But long before then ill have drown

Like this I could go on forever

But seems to me its not so clever

Some may care about their soul

But here I am to say goodbye

I kick the stool

And let me fly..


The Unknowngnome said...

Felicity! Your words here are a memory.

annaaainafairytalee. said...

I really liked this poem, so much so that I read it three times. It connects to me, if that makes sense at all. I am a new follower of yours and I would love it if you stopped by and checked out my poetry, told me what you thought of it.