Thursday, October 28, 2010

Give Me Back

Toe to Toe we stand together
Hand in hand we merge our worlds
Preceding forward,
Who would leave a majestic sight?

Never turning to look back,
To remember our faulties,
Was also an unknowing blindfold
Over life, and cherishment's

This was our mistake, we lost all we had once
Only taken for granted so long
It was lost in our selfishness

Neither strong enough to try again,
Not to restore what we once had dreamt of returning to

So leave me now peacefully if you can
You still care, and I can tell.

You left and took part of me
That was long ago

But now that I know you won't be back
I'd like you to return myself please
Why wont he?

This Is how I know he cares.

He continues to carry me upon his shoulders
But not as a burden , or even remorse,
Let alone regret.
But as a loss.
Of himself no less.

Why would this be?
 what does it mean?
He's told me different many times
And yet I feel his eyes
Wanting time back.

I hunt for truths
I think he knows I've figured him our
Possibly, why he runs.?

Why wont he let go?
Why can't I ignore it?

Not even possible for me to hope he let's go
Its what we need.

I know he's not over me.

Give me pieces back of my broken heart
Hand my soul and dreams to me,
So maybe
I can give your back to.
If only you'd let me.

How hard this all is.

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