Sunday, October 31, 2010

Who Is This In Me?

Did  I smile
As a child
Or was I wild

Did I deny my friends
As they denied my love
Or all of the above

While my tears they pour
They all ignore

I'm something for them to blame
But nothing they would claim

They could never be consistent
With this large a distance

Were set in different places
Taking separate paces

So don’t drag me along
That isn't where I belong

I promise you
I'm through

Just stop pretending
That I'm depending
On you
For any clue

You've been so blind
Leaving me outta your mind

But later you wont forget
All the regret
Of not caring to know
Where I might go

It was hell from the begining
But these laws, you must be kidding?

I attempt to take my stand
But before I land
 you pull me down
Way to the ground

So there I lay
Because of you, I pay

Broken and crooked I stay
Frozen there all day

Yes I breath,
But It goes in as grieve

Yes my pulse still goes
As my bloody river flows
Through my streams
Of broken dreams

Together they crushed my soul
Leaving me a dark, meaningless ghoul

Death would be to simple
They want me to cripple

To feel pain
This is their sick game

I wish they would let me go in peace
To the land of the deceast

Were I belong to be
And long to see
The place where I can be, me

Don’t take my deathly treasure
It could be my only pleasure

You torcher me
What's to look for
Blood and gore?

So take a step
And let me check

My past containing all this harm
Only to recognize fresh bruises on my arm

My heart not in much better a condition
For it was poisoned by your harsh petition

A goodbye, I did not get one
So for my last word.. Run.


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