Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Writing through Uncut Pressure

As my mind floats through unfinished
Memories, it does so unwillingly, I stare
At the blank valley, and the emptiness of
This view of my world. For me to have
To choose whether I fill it with
Sorrow, those who care, or fake
Happiness will be much worse then
The universe deciding for me. the light
Is my option, mostly its my safe choice.
But with if risk is what I need.
Id rather be fighting against my
Thick, soulless air,, then filling it with
My chosen remorse. I can never
Balance my life, let alone those of
Which I've placed on my platter
All this time
Each piece of my puzzle was
given away, pushed away, or
Thrown away. And now the
bigger picture is lost. Im blinded
Of my past, and my future is
Uncontrollable. As I walk the emptiness
I create the people of my present
World, cherishing each detail. Each an
Amazing memory. Supposedly creating a
Perfect universe. Thus, unexsisting, forcing
Me away and to be invisible. Goodbye.
Happiness with me lies on the world
Taking me over, sorry. I know your not proud


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