Monday, January 31, 2011

Fate, Don't Drown my Love?

I take our love to the sea
 every night,
Wondering where you might be

You I wish to see,
So take your sail down,
And turn around

Ill fight the tide,
You'll take the wind,
And maybe, we'll be side by side

Missing you ive kept inside
But now, im just quite terrified

Come home to me now
Im longing for you

I know we agreed this was best
But now, I feel ive passed this test
Of time, and distance

Come home to me
And we will be, just like before
Don’t let the waves transform you
I love you, like you have no clue

Don’t long for me
Don’t worry,
Im sending this love,
Day by day,
Whether destination or response are accomplished

Each bottle is a whimper of hope
Swallowed up and drowned
By all the mourning
Of possibilities that your lost upon

So ill keep sending my love to be lost
Upon the love that drown with you
Long ago
Upon this fateful sea

How dare thy
Take my love
And turn it to the sand

Someday ill see my love,
Afloat upon a cloud



The Unknowngnome said...

Hope is Eternal.

Rose said...

Love the image you have used for this piece.