Monday, January 24, 2011

My Dreams?

Tonight when I drift into my deep slumber
There's only one sight I long for

To life my life flat
And strap it to the rail road

Waiting for the chosen train
Would be the most painful
Laying helplessly in its path

I wait, and while I wait
I think of everything.
My head feels so clear now

As my sweaty palms begin to gain beat
I brace myself
My head begins to band against the
Small rocks

For I'm about to gain all peace
And yet all I see is your face.

That’s when I realize this changes nothing
Nothing can help me, but myself
But this light has come to late

Scrambling and screaming
The train simply
Bumps over my body
Everything over in an instance.



The Unknowngnome said...

Dark dream, your wish not to awaken?

(check the spelling on line three)


Felicity said...

Thanks for the spell check (:
And when i awaken, im reminded of all the reasons i need to find another train.. .