Monday, March 14, 2011

Did you find me?

From the day we met

It was fake

Pieces it, we clicked together like a pad lock

And so our journey began

You placed me on a cloud

Safe and happy I'd be

I'd stay,

Although unaware of all earthly harm

They day we began

I was blinded  by love

But you weren't?

I was fully indulged

But you were a realist?

I dreamed childishly

While you stood by, listening hardly

The day you broke my heart

You  were fine

Not a flinch,

Or a peek of a tear

Nor a frown

Simply a goodbye of lifelessness

That day, I awoke from my dreams

And feel, harder than imaginable

I fell through the clouds

Through the atmosphere, past the buildings and trees

And hit reality, finally, when you moved on

So there I lie, on the street

Below my window sill,

Without a beat from my broken heart


1 comment:

The Unknowngnome said...

Another good closing line Felicity.

I have enjoyed these last two poems of yours. They are more direct and keeping with the flow but I'd like to see you shorten up the overall leangth yet still keep your meanings.

Good job!