Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What is 'us' if Not a Happy Fairytale?

To me you came through nighttime

Horrors you told to me

As you identity lied beneath a mask of unfaithfulness

For you I laid my life down

And to you I gave my womanly dignity

In return I got to be part of the life of yours and mine

Separated by simply thoughts

You watched me

You wanted me

So I let you take me

I played as your connection to the world here

You stayed my fantasy

You stayed my mind play

What was all you had, was dreams to me

You felt only what I forgot

When times came,

I had to return to reality

While you had no where to go

But to the back of my mind

I had to put an end to us, end to you

I had to end this fairytale

Without thank you, or regret

You'll die among the restless

Or upon the 7 seas

But me you cant chain or bind

To wrist less ghouls and ghosts


1 comment:

The Unknowngnome said...

" had no where to go But to the back of my mind", "You'll die among the restless"

That is totally wicked!

What despair it would cause me to be outcast as such.

Excellent! :)