Friday, April 1, 2011

Midnight Expeditions

I'd worked hard to get there
This place more sentimental then beautiful

This place I had chosen because I'd never be found,
Left a mystery to the world,
That mystery would be the only thing I'd leave behind

So to here I climbed and scrapped,
To see nature at her worst

The great mouth of her cliff
reaching and un-imaginable length in either direction

The bottom, un-seeable as it was,
The most threatening thing I'd witnessed

Why now, had the pain hit me

Through all the dreaming and cutting,
All that lingered was relief and escape

But sitting here in this 'big moment' , with spotlight burning holes in my dignity
I cant fight the attacking reapers of fear

They have finally made their way to me,
But now I must convince myself its to late
And for fill my midnight mission

Gripping the branches a little tighter  before release. .

In an instant, or less, I'm hit with more despair and peace
Than a person can control

Now my only goal left is to make this fall through my final seconds
Seem meaningful, and with hope, short.

The gloomy, fading sun rays of an untold summer day are emerging  as my eyes close,
I take my finally fill of lungs




The Unknowngnome said...

Perhaps you won't fall but fly.

Rose said...

The bottom, unseeable as it was, the most threatening thing I witnessed ... perhaps the most outstanding and beautiful words in this piece that give the reader insight into the intimate emotions of the writer. Well done!