Wednesday, April 27, 2011

These Sins of Mine

Secrets I do not keep
And yet tears I still weap

For pulling you down
Way to the ground

Your heart is all I care
And your love I bear

But by you I can not see
I underestimate all that you can be

For you act so Bold
When really I'm leaving you so cold

If only I could hear your laugh
Although that would be on my behalf

Look at me I'm selfish within
How can you not see this sin?

With you I want to grow
Only you I want to know

Deserving is not me
But to you I need not plea

Perfection you havent seen
So technically this game is clean

Although you will one day
And then to you I'll say

How in my heart that you belong
And how easily you made me long

For you and me
To always be. . .
<3 data-blogger-escaped-br=""> I love you like you have no clue
I love you through and through


Rose said...

We are selfish in love and we do carry 'sins' but then forgiveness is so much part of love isn't it? A lovely little poem Felicity!

Ifinder said...

Inspirational and awakener, Felicity. Let Love be loved and defused. Let selfishness fused. Thank You.