Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Blue Eyes of Lies

Through your lies I swayed
in your eyes they layed

the blue that blocked
and locked those secrets in

but by the time the facade was gone 
a brand new life id already drawn

ive made myself my own guide
and in my mind you dont lie inside

but with this power
i fear
i wont devour, but instead cower

this new found blessing
im not sure im ready to be processing

but in my hands it is mine
for it in my heart is cant define
the feeling i get
from this freedom i just met

i see it from my fresh eyes
no longer this earth is in disguise

so now i leave your lies
no more ties
to your tormenting eyes

instead i love what i decide
and do as i am satisfied



The Unknowngnome said...

Well said, strong, powerful.

"instead i love what i decide
and do as i am satisfied"

Nice piece. Good to see you writing more.

Rose said...

Charming poem well written :)