Thursday, June 14, 2012

RIP 11.2.11

sweet, selfless tears.
silence real and undefined
i take witness in stone, as stone
of the realness in everyone that looks away.
over taken with pain
shocked by it,
it wasn't real till the seal was official
the last light let upon the skin, the life,
and still i just sit, a pair of eyes,
and a couple of thoughts.
to ponder on what should and shouldn't be happening
shouldn't is what i've taken witness
people they are here as simply comforts.
affected by their loved ones lose.
seeing only the hurt they must be feeling
not what they are.
mingling, occasional laughter.
what could possibly be that humorus.
simple. shouldn't be. isn't.

should is how im being driven
the tears stone duth not bear,
but lifeless qualities i carry,
burdens i do withstand
but this, i do not compromise
i see but black and grey
my heart fills my head
my tears, my pulse is my metronome
only thoughts that named,
had gotten his still beating
metronome broken, silenced
to soon.

so we all sit here and think
of how to comfort us.
when we found this only comparable thought to their dismay
laying in a box
to be that they must be contained
in a better place
bitter. selfish. thoughts.

for Christopher Turner's grandfather
may he always rest. in .peace.

bless him

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