Wednesday, October 20, 2010

..Blessing of Night..

Now that its our time, 
How dare they sleep , 
while the glow of her beauty highlights the atmosphere around us, 
Showing every notch and blemish through the ripples of the earth
She comes and goes with her perfection 
Changing every time  
Stuck on repeat  
Passion spoken through no found words   
Oh Luna, Luna, your brilliant eyes
Oh those eyes of yours,
Missing that  Paradisiacal sight is the misdemeanor of the night 
May your outgrowth be blinding and everlasting
Luna, Oh Luna let your Eyes heavily gloss me,
I'm pleading for your twilight blessing!
Oh Luna, glimmering Luna.
Light my life. Light my way.
Light my inside and Teach me to shine from with in


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Felicity said...

Personal Favorite.