Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Time is on the List

Thinking of my past
Wow it went so fast

People come and go
Thank god no one knows
All the things I've kept,
Notebooks full, entirely of regret

My days begin with sorrow
That lasts until the end of tomorrow

What I'd do for just a break
I just don’t know how much more I can take

My heart I give. Denied.
I might as well be crucified

Don’t take the risk
I did, my journey was brisk

Simple it may seem,
Till you feel the deathly beam

You think you've got the knack
Till you smack down through the cracks
Finally, You recede your attack

Hell is on the way
Now you must pay

As I'm sure your well aware
There's not much more I can bear

So let my dreams falter
And take me to the alter
To say my last goodbyes
Fore those who stood guard
And watched my suffering scene
As if it weren't hard

Take my heart and soul
Leave it to no fool
For I sing and flutter free now
No need for a bow
Just a smile of hope
And , of joy, just no smoke


(first rhyme, no murdering it.. !)

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