Wednesday, October 20, 2010

In A Simpler Time

I'm wishing of a world of many nations
My nation made of many differently spoken words
So no matter what I yell,
No one can be hurt
No one can be affected
No matter what is discussed, debated, or spoken against
To be in a simpler time

Why use guns when we can throw our speech out freely,
Without consequence
Why kill our mother, when we can just as easily live home without using her poison
Why close when we have possibility staring at us with an open hand
So open your eyes
Spread your wings
And try a little
The ground is your friend
So be not afraid
The sky is your own enemy, filled with wonder
And options
Far to many to say
But nothing would matter
If we were in a simpler time
If today is the futures simple time,
 what will it be like, I wonder in the sky
Breezes of regret coming my way
Like a wave of reality
My winds, they fail me, and time only tick by,
Getting worse
So much for a "Simpler Time"


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