Friday, November 26, 2010

From me to Mars

One day I took our photo
And gave it to the wind

One day I lay
And watched the sky
Creating characters
I watched float by

The clouds the paint
The sky the canvas
Now all that’s left, the artist

Its easy I tell,
Simple I persuade
To create
A whimsical parade

Take your hope
Take your pride
And please
Pace it aside

This is a journey
For yourself
So go forth

Some come easy
I'd expected
But for your wall
It's in the way

For me I ask
Do the task
Of taking it down

You don't need a crowd
For me to be proud
It's done either way

So now when you look at the sky
A story is told
In a magical world
Unreachable with  a brush stroke
But a mind is all required


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