Friday, November 26, 2010

This you Can't Erase

This  you Can't Erase

Each time It snows I remember

Being so little
When I had a family
A mom a dad a brother

Getting served hot chocolate
Being tucked in with santa stories
I seemed to be so safe, and my world so serene

Christmas came.
Everything seemed usual
Untill the packing started
A vacation trip?

Then the screaming
And the fighting

We sat and watched

Our perfect little lives
Shattering before our eyes

You shipped us off
To grandparents
Without a clue we mourned

What would happen to us now>
So far away we are
We quietly sat
In this unknowing space
Akwardly we waited

He came often
And wach time we hoped he'd take us
But wach time he left alone

We spent much time confined here
It was fine
But I was so unaware of the outside world

They thought I didn't know she was in jail
They tried to tick and lie
And for  their sake
I let them fool me
At least in their eyes

What they thought of as protection
I considered rejection

Eventually he came back for us
We moved back into childhood
But she was missing of course

Several times he moved us
In with several different people
Each place and person just as bad as the one before

Finally, we crammed in with those of our lives today
It worked out, yeah
For the best? I'd disagree  

But every christmas time
I can't forget
These frightful memories
They haunt me like nothing else
They stick with me through it all

So each time it snows
Im a little girl again
Looking out the window
Looking for my savior.

Ps. I still am



The Unknowngnome said...

Seek and you will find.

You are very revealing in this poem.

Felicity said...

I get easily inspired by such strong feeling and experiences.