Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Little Jar of Reality

Oh take with me
And shove it in a jar

Each little bit,
To the bottom
For it to waste away
And desinagrate

Now, trapped all in one place
Your unwanted life sits
Churning, descending, to be forgotten

Unmissed, your reality waits to be released
So whom am I to keep it waiting

Come with me,
Get your jar
And accompany us
In a reality unleashing

Smash your jar with mine
Down this well
So once it reaches me again
Our pieces will be mixed
Our realities tangled
And peace
And closure
Far away

So come with me
To smash our little jars
Held by ribbon
Our name tag states
Its owner of reality

Lets smash our lives together
Take pride in our work
And not remorse over our little jars.

You & I
Mixed realities
So lets make plans
Because there's not undoing
What we've done
Because reality
Is reality

Is yours stuffed in  a little jar?
If so.
Come with me
Ill show you a well
Bring someone else
And they too
Will be a part
Of your little jar
Thrown in with the pieces

Be careful. My realities down there too.