Thursday, November 4, 2010

Clear, See Through, Meaningful

There I stand.
Up I look
Toward the sky
As it cry's on my face
Perhaps shedding broken dreams down upon us

Why, do I deserve your unhappiness
Why do I want your lifeless wasteland of hope converging with mine
Well if you could keep your own emotions
I have mine too
But unlike you
I cant just pour mine out
To be let down in drops
Millions of drops
Rain holds your fear, dead memoires and all of which I ask not for

Can you let a chance slip through
Just a smidge of hope?

I haven't met you.
But I feel like I know you.
Hold your emotions
Unclog that drain
Please let some light through
That’s all I ask

That I might get a glimpse of you
Before I go
And you to cope
With what you've given me
Through the drops
The fall often

Smile, so my days will be livable again
And laugh, so my week brightens

Don't change though,
The sky is blue
And for that to change
Would be madness
Like your perfectness changing would be chaos

There I stand.
Letting the ligh fill up my face.

There she is, with the clouds,
Among the birds,


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