Friday, November 5, 2010

Destroyed By Body & Heart

On the outside your tattooed
But in your eyes I see the innocent you
Scared and unforgivin
Why do you fight
No need to I'm here

You insist to feast on feeding bruises
You force the acceptance of you
Handing pain
To you, life is simply game
To defeat it target
To be defeated is destiny

No choice but to fail
Why not win
Over  those
With worse a destiny
Take over them
And you win
For now

This is not the way
We do have choices
But first you've got to open your options
Slamming your doors with bad decisions
Isn't  what to do

Listen to the ones who cared
Enough to shed a tear
Or drag a wound
Those are who open your doors
And hold your hand
Even if that’s harder then a cage match

Sometimes we must choose our fights
You need to take control
Like you once had
That now, others have over you

Good luck on which path you choose
Both are violent
Both, a massacre
Both end in death
But beyond there
Depends on now


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