Friday, November 5, 2010

Place Me back on my Safe Shelf

Put me back
Throw me away
You'll see what your missing
Once I'm dissolved
But its what you deserve
For not letting me go
On my own
Through life
Through my journey

To walk the path of my dreams
And broken glass
Your wings carry me far
In the wrong direction
No matter how I scream
No matter how I jolt
Your evil over comes it all

To let go would be suicide
To hold on is definite death
So defeat is my only purpose

I have no choice
No chance
So I shall take this with dignity
All that I have left

Your rumors
They roam
But unaffecting toward me
I know you in ways they do not
So take me how you will
Just make sure of one thing

That you know I'm giving you this pleasure
I'm handing you myself
Not under defeat
Or surrender
But because its what I want

I have reason to haunt you now
And I shall
I will be your burden
I will be what you fear
I will try to be there always
But most of all
I will win.


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