Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Get A Clue.

what can I say, its you I'm missing
And that’s including your kissing

You take my hand
Lead me to your band

You let me show you to dance
Although yours looked more like a prance

You took the pain
Like it was no game

You knew me so well
Although you never did dwell
On all I threw at you
Even when you didn’t have a clue

You took it all
Every call
And every fall

But now its my turn
So I take your burns

No matter how offen
Or whether they take me to my coffin

I'm here, like expected
Your not, don’t worry I don’t feel neglected

You left me in light
Whether that was a bright night
I couldn’t tell
But  I shall shell
These memories away
By day
Either way.

We never were on the right page
I was locked away in a cage
While she could roam
All on her own

Missing a key
Wishing I could flee
I'm sure you don’t agree

Leaving was my greatest plan
Instead I join this heartbroken clan
Of those like me in no way
Only to say
That their on my wavelength
When really they still had strength

I still love you.
And yet you have no clue

I always did
Even when it was forbid

There was always choices
For some reason the voices
Told you I was bad
Making me so mad..

I wept
While friends swept
My tears containing
All the straining
Of taking a look
At your open book

To know I'm not inside
Wow, I could of died

I held on because you didn’t leave
But what is there to believe
When you were never here to begin
I cant even think about a grin

I want only your pride
But this great divide
Is cast aside
For your new bride

Why I still hope, ill never know
I realize I should just go
But my feet, tell me no
My heart is aglow
With the joy I feel
But I suppose ill have to deal
Just not today.
Not while I pray

Talk to me, you do
Even if sights are few

Just know I love you
So much. You have no clue

I must not be the one for you
When there's not shoe
To fit.
No room for it.
No clue
On your mind
In there, everything is so confined

I love you like you don’t know
I flutter full, of feeling from long ago

My wings,
You tied with strings

My hope,
You strangled with rope

My dreams,
You tore with screams

Oh how you took my heart,
From the start,
Only to leave it pierced with your destructive dart

I love you like you have no clue.
If only my little heart
Could be simply fixed with glue
But its cold,
No longer bold,
Covered in blue
From inside to you

I love you like you don’t know.
I love you like you wont go.
I love you like I always did.
I love you like it was always forbid.

I love you.
Like you have no clue.

So this I embed,
Oh how I've bled
From the day you fled

This could go on for so long
But I'm not that strong

This could be your break
Now you know I'm not fake
No need for a stake
 I already ache
And I am awake

I love you.

Get a clue.

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