Monday, November 15, 2010

Our Memories Bring you Back to Me

               This is more than words
          This is more than poetry
     This, Is a story

When I first laid eyes…
You smiled like you could never cry
You danced like no one on earth judged
But most of all,
Your eyes, said much more

Your  eyes…
They smiled like you lips
They shinned brighter than the sun
But most of all
They show straight to your soul

Your soul…
Over came me
Made me work to catch breath
It was as pure as a first snow

Before I met you
Before we spoke
Before we touched

I feel deep in that soul

I gave you my all
Consumed in you,
You let me swim
In your life,
You let it engulf me
And so did I

Our lives merged
 to what seemed like one dream

Then the day came
It happened so quick
It came and went
Death had never moves so fast
I'm sure.

That day she left,
Took my soul
And I was left with hers
Lifeless, as it was
Just like her

I was left alone
Even without myself

No part of me wanted to stay here
But id promised you once I would
So for you..
I suffer

When it rains
You come back to me
Your there with me,
Dancing again
Laughing again

When it rains,
 I feel life again.

When it rains,
You can't see me cry

But I can tell you feel my pain

You are more than love,
You are me
Through and through

No divide
No separation
No choice

Your you,
and I'm me,
But together
We are each other

So ill meet you
Someday again

Until then,
Let it rain.


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