Saturday, November 20, 2010

Puddle of Pain

As I lay there in the snow
I let it swallow me
Numbing my every emotion
Quiet engulfs my serene world
Leaving me with a fresh force field

As I lay
Reality seeps to me
As the sun rays hit

Reversing my world
Everywhere there's memories'
Flooding in like a storm

I toss right
And turn left
Facing nothing different either way

The numbness starts to melt away
Leaving me soaked and cold
As I grow sick and sicker
It doesn't fade
Only begins to spread

Quiet turned to unheard screams
Why listen
To a voiceless torcher

My angels fled
Knowing hope left long ago
But their reminisce still glow
 like the distant ghost of our past
But far far away.
Each drop my face sheds
Only adds to my drowning
As if he does this on purpose
To have me kill myself

No longer can I wait
I want out of this waste
Out of this lifeless soul
Out of this hell im trapped in

Drowning uselessly.
Considering im long dead
Long gone
And far forgotten.


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