Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Signs to Tell

It's not worth the keepsake
You only brought heartbreak

The tear filled cloud
Releases aloud
As if to make me drown
In the painful sound

I take a step back to look
At all that you took
From my personal existence
Noticing all your resistance
To me creating a distance

These are the signs that tell me
That you wanted us to be
A guarantee
As if you were already in my family tree
We wanted to sail the rough sea
Together. But now you disagree

Sometimes I wonder if you could still care
But the answer, I fear I can not bare
I regret only the moment I didn’t prepare
For you to declare
The affair
That turned to despair

These are the signs
That showed me the vines
Holding your hand to mine

So why do I try
To say a goodbye
When I know you won't reply
So I'm stuck on standby
While you slip on by
And I continue to cry

Today, is the day
I can tell by the steel grey
That I will sleigh
This fear from which I pay.
Regret? To late, this is one-way
So I'm cast away
To learn to obey

These are the signs I read
Of which I do not need
So I feed
This raging plead
Hoping it will let me succeed
To do this deed
Made me bleed
Although, not from the greed
I agreed
To proceed

So I take this trust
That turned to dust
And annihilate it with disgust

So I tear until they are no more,
Oh what the galore
Of letting go finally
What the irony,
You wanting me back privately

I had to use my magic
For this was drastic,
But you were tragic

So now that I'm alone
I think ill postpone
My life

My eyes allow
Me to see now

And I applaud
Because its finally more than just your fraud


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