Friday, December 24, 2010

Beyond a Golden Horizon

There is a place
I like to visit
Where I chase
The perfect sunset

Golden like an angels eyes
There it lye's

Almost in reach,
All across the beach
My darling lays for brief moments

Each day is a view
Of something completely new

From where this beauty originates
Or whom it accommodates
I have no idea

I don’t have to know
Actually , id rather leave it be
A puzzle, and illusion for me

But here in this spot
At the very moment the golden sun illuminates me
For an instant only, I feel free
At peace, at rest

During these moments
The plates of the earth drown
And life surrounding fall, overwhelmed
But my mind still ticks

I can comprehend what's occurring
Unlike many others,
While the whole world is left stirring
I'm confines in one singular moment

Once time returns, and life starts running
I take a breath, for I will always have that

…my moment along with a shield, a blanket
Of golden sunlight

Dec. 24th 2010

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