Friday, December 24, 2010

Crowns in Chains

Each day, and endless time bomb
I feel the reapers
Presenting me with chains of metal
Sheets of silver
And mountains of boulders

If I no longer walk land free to haunt
What bombardment must be awaiting me
At the home I don’t yet posses

Non show kindness
Instead, laugh at the burden they share
Knowing what awaits my deathly hollow
They taunt

I do not wish to e shown mercy
Or use the denied light as an excuse
But to simply accept my dismay without regret
But with pride the least

I shall wear my ghouls wardrobe of horror
With dignity and cherish my rattling movements

Thank you for this "punishment"
It shows I've lived my life
Now to wear the crowns
Of the under god
Why waste a sinless time
To gaze upon heavenly chocolate?

 Dec. 10th 2010

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