Friday, December 24, 2010

Eternity of Flames

My last breath slips out
With no words to be found
I feel the tears of those surrounding me
I feel the emptiness of their souls
Over my loss

I wish I could tell them to calm
To tell them how at peace I am
These few moments of death
Have been better than any on earth
And you all mourn?

The moments pass slowly
The days, I can not tell
But I feel the comfort of
A coffin?

Now that I'm relaxed I plan to sleep
I know, some ungodly way I know, that all I must do
Is sleep to b e on the pathway to heaven
So as I lay I do not wish o hear my funeral
Let alone feel all its sorrow

I begin shutting my mind down
Ready to belong to the lord
This is the only way to get there
A simple quest, I'd say

It was just then I felt them
How coils stinging through each vein
Colors burst, bright even through my eye lids

I feel pain like no earthly emotion
I can not cringe, or jolt
Nor scream, or defend
All I can do it sit
While my body is burned to nothing

I feel each cell, each atom of my being,
Burst into an explosion from the heat
My flesh simply melts away
While my bones linger on

I feel the chromosomes of my bones bursting
Repeatedly, for this process is slower

Why, why would they do this to me
All I had to do was slumber
Instead I sit
As ashes
Never to see the light of heaven
But always to feel the flames

They take my larger reminisce
And put them somewhere useless
While my body they take to canister
Your, I feel this
Like ripping me apart
Wore then limbs, but from the inside

Why couldn't they dispose of me
To water maybe?

I hope my daughter got her rest
Before they started demolishing her
Or here, I also sit guilty and in pain
Along side here I'd guess
And to sit for all eternity
And feel death raining down my spine.

December 24th 2010

1 comment:

Rose said...

Great stuff, never did like cremations or the idea of having ashes in an urn, Good wite!