Wednesday, December 8, 2010

In my spare thoughts

The days wash her away 
Hour by hour
Taking what she used to be
And forcing them through the pipes
Called life

She used to see herself in the mirror of puddles 
Now only seeing what she once was
She no longer showers in diamonds
But shells in rags 
No more feasts 
But is merely the shadow of what she once was 
Only looking back on regret
Regret of longing for more
More then?
No she has a life called useless

Each day a struggle 
And now to see frends 
Cherubic daughters
Maids over populated
Out of balance
Here i sit
On the lower side

All through life 
They all say to open your eyes
To see life 
Not just live it
Bilut once I did
I saw the corruption
The crime and violence

Every night i simply pray.
Pray to no wake up to this life
But for elegance to surround me
Silks and jewlery i insist to drown me
If only


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