Friday, December 3, 2010

In the Waves, Out the Wind

We walked through the sand
Little footprints lye along the enlarged
Till our toes were emerged in cool sea
My dad I loved
But as a son
I felt failed in his presence

He, much more than to be admired
But more likely considered heroic

It took a moment only, before I knew I had to tell
I tried to say it slow
Then, you became impatient
And I spilled at your request

Son- you come and got like the waves dad
Brief, but amazing while each separate moment lasts

Speechless, his father seems buried in the horizon
So my whining continues.

Dad- please know, mamma leaving wasn't your fault, the army is all I know..Son, you’re the life I love

Son-  But not the one you know, or live

Dad- Son…

Son- I know, your going. This is what I live.

Dad- You'll understand someday

Son- No, I promise, I won't..


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