Monday, January 24, 2011

All I Want

Yes, ill admit
It was stupid
Looking for  Cupid

What would I ask him for anyways
I've already found that
My world revolves on fake smiles
And I exists through pain
That my own

I've got excuses,
Like the rest
But as I look at it
Why don’t I deserve a chance

All that anyone could ever ask for
 is out of reach or reality
Sometimes both

But for one of many privileges
I simply ask for personal peace

Repel all forms of evil
Love, sin and all

Stop the horns of traffic
And construction in my ears

Resist the urge of temptation
And many forms of sin from my eyes

Disguise my words, to those of goodness
And encouragement

Fool and trick my mind into blocking
Out the world

Silence the worlds earthly creatures

Please, stop my inner restlessness
Pause my heart and breathing

Turn it all into soothing  symphonies
That I may lure into

All to deny your love with my all

Bring me peace

Even if that is to my grave



Rose said...

This is so sad and I like the image - is the girl at the window looking in or out - at her life or at the life she pretends too have? It just posed this question when I read your poem.

Felicity said...

I can only write through my unhappiness, im acually i blessed person..
Amd great question, shes looking from within, for a way out of fake happiness and for freedom to figure herself out.