Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Changes in perspective

As I had always dreamt of growing
It did not only include on the outside

I wanted to be wise
And experienced in living beyond my years

Like any curious teenage girl
I wanted to rule high school
Friends at my dispense,
Jealous girls with my heels

Those seem so insignificant now,
In this state of mind

For I may not live to see these high school years,
But death made me wiser than I'd ever imagined on earth

To bad its not any of my interests anymore

Now that I realize this, its too late

They say not to mourn over and unchangeable yesterday

But what else is there to do?

When im surrounded by a never-ending today of nothingness

From this 'heaven' anything is creatable simply by desire

It was then, easy to see that getting whatever you want
When you want it

Is meaningless and makes you capable of enjoying nothing

So here I watch our unchanging lives play out

Going over every memory I have and speculating how I got to my grave

Wrong place, wrong time would not please my mind hunger


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