Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines♥

Im just going to come up with a 'on the spot' poem really fast for this special day(: here goes.. . .
Whats Your Deffintion?

Love is more then a feeling you can recieve
or an emotion you can controll
but its something you much accept
and cherish

love in my life is explained simply as confussion.
It can not be told through words
Even though we try to, no two stories are alike

Love cant be forced or suggested,
just paradisiacal, and everlasting

I konw i love you
becasue when your not in my arms,
your in my thoughs
and dreams,
And when youve left this earth
you'll always be here close, in my heart

unconditionaly, i love you
that, ill always be sure of

For my lost brother♥

Written in 6 minutes so excuse the blandness,,

Valentines 2011♥
My favorite day!
i love the idea that theres a day to show people how much you care for them yes, not that i celebrate it because i believe i dont need A day to tell friends and family i love them, but to remind them constantly(:
Without love, what would we be?


Rose said...

Love the person who saw you when you were invisible - I love that! I wish I could come up with an on the spot poem as you did in 6 minutes! I will define love as something we need to grow into with patience and great care/ It is a seed that needs to be nutured and cared for before it can grow into something special. But it takes two people to know this!

Felicity said...

Thank you, and all of mine are on the spot actually, i just usually write them on napkins and in little note books before posting.
Thats a beautiful way to see love, and a very correct statement! It takes two (:

The Unknowngnome said...


Yes, with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind.

Ifinder said...

Well. A line of poem is like a rose here. I am a dropout from lit and poems and find here some fascinating lines. The definitions and analytics also flowed like waterfall. Thank You and awaiting more more lyrical poems from you. With Best Wishes. P.s pl drop atleast a line, as an autograph, in my blog.